For a One-On-One Coaching we offer 1or 2 sessions per month usually during a timeframe of 6 to 12 months. There is no time limit per session. If necessary, it can even last a whole day, e.g. when the coach accompanies the coachee “live” during a working day, a team meeting or negotiations with a customer. Needless to say, all our supporting activities, which serve to optimize the entire process such as support and coaching by telephone or email, are covered by our session fee. All other travel and entertainment expenses of our coaches are also included in this fee.


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Another option is the Group Coaching, especially in cases where it makes sense that 2 to 5 persons work together on the subjects of the individual group members. A Team Coaching is suitable, if all participants are jointly responsible, must jointly reach a target or jointly accomplish a task. Executive Coaching is meant for CEOs, managers and top-level executives.