As professional and private concerns can often not be separated from each other or influence each other, our actions may also extend into the private sphere, if this seems necessary or is deliberately wanted. The one-on-one coaching also offers us the possibility to change conduct and attitude “on the job” and even allows us to achieve short-term results thanks to the individual, intense and confidential work atmosphere.


Only people carefully listening to what you say will understand your actual concern. Enabling you to achieve your targets!


At the beginning a certain part of the last session will already be reserved for the conclusion of the coaching process. At this stage we recapitulate the entire process and make an inventory of the targets actually achieved. The client describes the starting point, the coaching process, his or her own experience of the coaching process and the targets achieved. After that the coach prepares a final report which will be submitted to the client and includes the feedback from the coachee. The coaching process will be terminated by a closing meeting with all parties involved.